Question:  Which Classical composer had his name, or part thereof, in the title of an '80s rock hit?
Answer:  Watch this video to find out:
Question:  What disability/illness did Ludwig van Beethoven suffer from that could have ruined his career?
Answer:  Deafness.  Amazing!  I listened to the beginning of his Ninth Symphony and I would hardly believe he was deaf by the time he composed it.
Question:  Who said "To err is human, to forgive divine"?  What work is this from?
Answer:  Alexander Pope, in An Essay on Criticism.
Question:  How does Albert Einstein and music relate?
Answer:  Of course Albert Einstein was one of the most well known physicists, producing a plethora of works.  Physics is instrumental in explaining the production of sound by all the instruments musicians use.
But, I also can't help but notice that Albert Einstein was the first to do this: