Principal's Message


Ships Ahoy Mariners!

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the 2021-22 school year! I am thrilled to be a new Dana Mariner, after having spent the past eight years as principal of Longley Way Elementary.  Dana Middle School is an amazing place where community is everything, voices are valued, kindness rules, and the growth of each member of our school is collaboratively supported.

We are excited to be back in person after the past year of distance and hybrid learning.  The Dana teachers, staff, students, and parents did an outstanding job through these challenging times, though we know the past year was not easy for many.  Helping all our students transition back to a "normal school year" will be among our highest priorities, in addition to building their academic and social skills.

The theme this year for Arcadia Unified is Opportunity.  For Dana Middle School, I believe we have the opportunity to:

Build upon our strong, supportive community 

Collaborate and learn from each

Break down barriers for student learning 

Utilize and expand the best practices and strategies used during distance learning 

Engage and inspire all of our families 

Embrace our school's rich cultural diversity

Finally, be sure to join the Dana PTA this year!  We have a wonderful team of parents at the helm of our PTA who are looking forward to meeting you.

If you have any questions about Dana Middle School, please email me or call our front office. 


Travis Long

Travis Long

Anchored Around Community