Dana Music Club

Please use the below link for a refund of your Forum Festival Payment:
Calendars that I've been maintaining are up to date as of 4/10/20.  Please click on DMC Calendar and choose which you prefer to see updates.
If you are looking to pick up an instrument or pictures, your next chance will be on 4/29.
Panda Express:  There is just one fundraising date left- 5/17/20.  See the Fundraising page to get the flyer to present when you order!  I am more than happy to schedule into the summer months if you wish?  Just shoot me an email...
A warm welcome to those who've agreed to serve next year's Music Club:
VP of Fundraising:  Katy C Mui *
Treasurer:  Lauren Cheng
Band/Parade Chair:  Glenda Fonseca
Constant Contact:  Marcie Gladson-Pang
Uniforms needing alteration can be sent to:

Mike's Tailor Shop

665 Fairview Ave.

Arcadia, CA 91007

Tel: (626) 446-5077

Uniform Information has been updated to include the current schedule for returning uniforms, (for those who have uniforms checked out).