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Important Links

AVID Middle School Program: Information and files related to the AVID Middle School Program

AVID High School Program: Information and files related to the AVID High School Program


"Big Binders" RAP
A successful AVID student is an organized student. Having a well-organized binder is a necessity in the AVID program!
AVID is....
Find out what AVID is all about in students' own words.
Cornell Notes video
Did you know that the key to mastering difficult concepts is by taking good notes and using them often to study? Learn how here.
Jennifer's Algebra 2 Tutorial 
Video of an authentic Guided Study Group solving a difficult math problem in AVID
People Like Me
Watch this inspirational video to get an idea of how AVID has changed the lives of students.
Socratic Seminar
View this video of an example of how the Socratic Seminar works in classrooms, which is an important AVID strategy.
WICOR strategies
Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading are essential skills of the AVID program. See how they are used in the elective class and the core content classes

- Anderson, Deja
Email: danderson@ausd.net

- Hamblen, Elyse, teacher
AVID 8 elective class 
Email: ehamblen@ausd.net
-Mierke, Lauren, teacher
AVID 7 elective class 
Email: lmierke@ausd.net

- Morales, Tammy
AVID coordinator
Email: tmorales@ausd.net