Email Mrs. Tarsala


Do you have a Chromebook or textbook problem?

  • If you are having a problem with your Chromebook or textbook, the best way to get help is to fill out the appropriate problem form linked below.
  • The form is only accessible to students logged into Google with their school account. Your parents can't fill it out for you.
  • Mrs. Tarsala will put you on the list and reply with an email to your student account.
  • Sending an email directly to Mrs. Tarsala won't speed up the process because she can't respond immediately to every email. Your request could get lost in her inbox.
  • Please tell your teacher what's happening, too, so they know you have a problem.
  • As of today (Monday, August 31st), there are many students with Chromebook problems. It will take a few days to get everyone's needs met. Please be patient. 
Mrs. Tarsala's normal work hours are 9 am-12 pm, Monday-Friday.