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About Textbooks
No textbooks are distributed during Ports of Call. Students will pick up textbooks during class time in the first couple of weeks after school starts. In some classes they will receive workbooks as well.
Students do not get print copies of most textbooks because they have online access to them. If a student has any questions about how textbooks work, their teachers can show them where the links are and how to log in.
There are class sets of printed textbooks in each classroom, so students never need to carry textbooks to school. We send textbooks home so that students can use them for homework.
Sometimes students are issued novels to read for their English classes. These are also textbooks, and students should keep track of them and take care of them just like their bigger textbooks.
If you feel that your student needs a print copy of a textbook at home as well as online access, please email Mrs. Tarsala. As long as there are enough copies available, she can check out a copy for them.

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