School Site Council


The function of the School Site Council is the development and annual revision of the Single Plan for Student Achievement. These activities are an on-going process, one that is addressed at monthly School Site Council meetings, one step at a time. Their goal is the continuous improvement of student performance and the ensuring that all students succeed in reaching academic standards.

Current Members
The terms for service are two years in duration and are filled via a nomination process and election. Below are our members.
  • Daniel Hacking (Admin)

  • Mei Tan (Classified)

  • Martha Robertson, Kristen Eichhorst, Anthony Dima (Teachers)

  • Christine Maritato, Vipul Shuh (Parents)

  • Brian Byun/Eran Young (8th Grade Rep)

  • Katelyn Fong (7th Grade Rep)

  • Efrain Berrios (6th Grade Rep)

  • Meeting Dates

  • Purpose of SSC - To examine the school budget, write the Single Plan for Student Achievement, and align our spending with The Local Control Accountability Plan.


Site Council Meeting Minutes


Below you will find links to minutes from our Leadership and Site Council meetings. These minutes are provided as a service to our school community to keep parents and friends informed of current issues and decisions affecting our school.