AEF Mini-Grant Winners

The Arcadia Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the Dana Middle School staff who were selected for a 2017-2018 Mini-Grant. Congratulations to Jeff Grable, who will be receiving a wireless receiver and microphone system to replace a 13 year old system that consistently requires adjustment and repair. Mr. Grable writes that “the requested system will serve music students on a daily basis in rehearsals, classes, and concerts as well as concerts and events on and offsite. The ability to communicate is paramount to effective teaching, and having a properly functioning audio system, especially in this large of a music program is imperative.” Rania Ibrahim received a grant for her application for the Stem Design Challenge Kit, “Cooking with Solar Energy.” Ms. Ibrahim states, “The challenge is to capture solar energy in a useable way. Students will learn how solar ovens work by making a solar oven and then investigate how high the internal temperature reaches in a given amount of time.” The data will be collected, analyzed and after applying their knowledge of science concepts such as heat transfer, reflection, absorption, and the greenhouse effect, design and implement a more efficient oven. She states that students will also be able to make an edible treat in their ovens. YUM!